South Bronx Rising Together


Want to become a part of South Bronx Rising Together?

Join an Advisory Group or Collaborative Action Network
Did you value the conversations in the outcomes group at the Deep Dive meeting? Do you wish you or your organization had been part of the dialogue? Following the Outcomes Working Group reviewing and refining the products from that day, we will continue convening outcome-oriented groups to review data and strategize about how to improve the outcomes in each area. Some of these groups will commence convening in September; please let us know which one you are interested in by goal:

  1. All are healthy
  2. All children enter kindergarten ready to succeed
  3. All students succeed in school
  4. All stakeholders contribute positively to the community
  5. All students graduate from high school college-ready
  6. All attain a post-secondary degree/certificate
  7. All begin a career

Please email with you name, organization and on which of the seven goal areas you would like to focus. Also, let us know if there are others in the community who would be good contributors.