South Bronx Rising Together


Cradle-through-college and career pipeline initiative in the Crotona Park and Morrisania neighborhoods of the South Bronx

The South Bronx was once a thriving community where families prospered and the future offered promise. Today, in the heart of this neighborhood, 65 percent of children are born into poverty. But families never stop wanting something better.

The Children’s Aid Society and Phipps Neighborhoods have joined forces with JPMorgan Chase and a growing network of program providers and community members to create new opportunities for all the young people of the South Bronx. The coalition aims to knock down the barriers to educational and economic success through a series of programs beginning at birth and carrying through early adulthood. The South Bronx is joining a growing number of communities across the country working to achieve collective impact – bringing together various stakeholders to get results on important outcomes.

South Bronx Rising Together will focus on ensuring the following:

  • Children are healthy
  • They enter kindergarten excited and ready to learn
  • Parents and members of the community contribute to youth progress
  • Students succeed at every level and graduate from high school prepared for college
  • They graduate from college and set out on a career